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3 Inspiring Quotes that Redefine Leadership and Change…

October 28, 20233 min read

Imagine finding a few words of wisdom that could reshape your business journey. What would they say? 

Here are three profound quotes that aren't just about leadership, but about challenging your perspective and inspiring transformation.

If you're ready to think differently and lead with renewed vigor, keep reading.  A new path to your progress and success may be just a few words away.

"If you aren’t impressed with your reality - do the work to create a reality you are impressed with." - Matthew McConaughey

We often find ourselves dissatisfied with present circumstances, wishing or waiting for some external force to set things right.

Life can sometimes feel like a story being influenced or written by others.

This quote reminds us that the force we really need is internal.  If we don't like the current chapter, it's up to us to rewrite it. 

How to apply this

  • Own your reality, and lead the change to adjust, improve, and make things better. 

  • Set a course that inspires you, and your team, to create a new reality, now. 

"It’s never resources that are the issue. It’s resourcefulness."

- Tony Robbins

It’s normal to believe we lack the resources we need to succeed. Time, talent, influence, and financing are just a few of the common culprits.

This usually leads to hesitation and dismay.

Tony’s quote reminds us that it’s not what we have, but what we do with what we have that makes the difference.

How you can use this

  • Shift your perspective.  Rather than thinking first about all that you lack, look at all that you have and how far you’ve come

  • Know and believe that there are at least 3 solutions to any problem.  Challenge yourself and your team to find them. 

  • Then ask (out-loud): “What can we do next, or right now, given what we do have, to make progress and succeed - in spite of our limitations?” Then take action.

"Change doesn’t require progress, but all progress requires change."

- Tim Rhode

Is it presumptuous to put my words on the same page as Robbins and McConaughey?  

Perhaps.  But this is important.

Change is constant in life and business.  Market conditions, technology, competition, and trends, just to name a few.  While things evolve, it doesn't mean they improve. 

All progress requires change.  We need to put in the effort that leads to progress and not just let things happen.

If all progress requires change, wouldn’t it pay to be good at it?

How do you and your team approach change?  With reluctance and apprehension, or enthusiasm and determination?

How to use this:  

  • Take stock of the changes happening around you. Brainstorm with your team how you can leverage them to make progress - or lead change(s) of your own to succeed - regardless of circumstances.

  • Prioritize. Focus only changes that will help your team and business to grow and be great. 

  • Develop a reliable approach to leading change that creates inspiration, support, and leads to predictable progress.  

You’ll be glad you did.

The power of words is undeniable, especially when they have the potential to reshape your mindset and drive action. 

As you move forward in your leadership journey, I challenge you to embrace one or two of these quotes. Let them be the catalyst that inspires a change in your perspective, elevates your self-determination, and propels you toward progress. 

Create a reality you are impressed with.

Here’s to your success! 


P.S. If today's insights ignited a flame within you, pay it forward.  Share this post with others and become a source of inspiration for their journey too.

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