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See how others have succeeded with 'Changing Lanes for Business.' Each story below is a real example of growth and achievement through effective change.

Hear from Matt Barinholtz...

Hear from Bryan Fletcher...

My view on change is that it's really tough. Nobody really likes it; it's especially difficult when you have a team that’s been doing everything on autopilot. Now we have a blueprint for handling change and can use it for everything deliberately. Now I have this incredible tool I can apply, both personally and professionally, for the rest of my life.

Mary Williams

Project Manager

The program was a quick, efficient way to learn a basic approach to change that anyone can execute. You not only get group training sessions but also one-on-one coaching to address specific problems and areas that you want to learn more about. One of my favorite takeaways is that you don’t have to be a master on managing change to execute it, you just need a structure to follow. 

Alison Hutchinson

IT Project Manager

Hear from Kathy Rawlings...

If you're on the fence about making a choice to be part of the Changing Lanes program, just think about where you will be next year. Still stewing over the change that you just haven't figured out how to do? Still putting up with the frustrations you've lived with for a while? Or in a new lane, making progress toward your goal?

Matt Barinholtz

Founder, FutureMakers

We are looking for double digit growth this year and this program has made that possible. The return on investment is so much more than the price of the program. The value of the personalized instruction from the one-on-one coaching we were able to receive from a seasoned business consultant far exceeded the cost.

Bryan F.

Vice President,

FreeState Safety Training

Hear from Alison Hutchinson...

Hear from Kelli Watson...

What I really liked about doing this program with Tim is that he has a lot of business experience - he's been there and done that - and he speaks from a place of knowing what it's like to own a business and to go through the same things we're all going through.

Kathy R.


The Arena Club

There are a lot of options for getting a lot of value from this course. For me the most valuable part was the reflective process and the writing process, for others it might be having real conversations with other business leaders or strategizing with Tim one-on-one.

Matt Barinholtz



I really like the hybrid style program because it gave me an opportunity to hear from our employees during the Zoom meetings and a chance to confide in Tim during our one-on-one coaching calls.

Bryan F.

Vice President,

FreeState Safety Training

Working with Tim...

Tim Rhode is the quintessential Renaissance man of business coaching... Having worn a multitude of hats and excelled at every level of leadership. Rarely are individuals in any industry as well rounded or talented as Tim.

- Grant Gamble

Brisbane Australia

Working with Tim exceeded my expectations in the short term and long term. He helped us create a concrete plan of action while also building incredible buy-in and excitement among our team. The changes we've made together will pay off for years to come.

- Heidi S,


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