Don't take my word for it...

“Tim has been a leader in many environments. He knows how to work individually to coach club executives to greater success and customize solutions for each situation. He assesses people well and helps them build on their strengths while recognizing and dealing with any weaknesses. He makes leaders more results-oriented and helps them achieve a greater success.”

-Rick C. New York

"Working with Tim exceeded my expectations in the short term and long term. He helped us create a concrete plan of action while also building incredible buy-in and excitement among our team. The changes we’ve made together will pay off for years to come. There wasn’t a topic or challenge that arose, that Tim wasn’t able to speak to given his vast experience, passion for what he does. He is a natural coach. And on top of what he brought the business, I am personally deeply grateful for all our time together has given me in developing as a leader. I am honored to offer Tim and Rhode management my highest recommendation."

- Heidi S, Oregon

"I consider Tim, one of my huge inspirations when I saw Him speak in Washington, D.C. To this day, I still consider his presentation as the best EVER."

- Alan L. Dublin, Ireland

“Tim Rhode is the quintessential Renaissance man of business coaching... Having worn a multitude of hats and excelled at every level of leadership. Rarely are individuals in any industry as well rounded or talented as Tim.”

- Grant Gamble

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