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Changing Lanes Step #5 - Gain Momentum

September 02, 20223 min read

Improving your results and accelerating progress toward your goals does not often require a U-turn, or even a complete change of direction… But rather, a simple lane change or two to better position you and your team or business for success.

Use the four simple steps of the Changing Lanes Approach: Decide, Look, Signal and Change.  Knowing and completing them, using the worksheets and resources provided with the course, will help you feel confident and motivated to act on well-laid plans that position your team, your business, and yourself for success.  Also, to achieve and sustain the progress you desire while looking for new opportunities to improve and gain momentum toward new goals as you proceed with your life and leadership. 

There are some extra steps you can take to gain that momentum and compound your success in the future, helping you to become a reliable change agent, regardless of the endeavor.  These may make the biggest difference of all.

Consider This

Let’s fast-forward.  Assuming you’ve read this far about the Changing Lanes Approach – and have completed, or are at least underway with the process, consider these points:

  • You’ve made this change for a reason…  To put yourself, your team or your entire company in a new lane.  In position to succeed.  On a new path to prosperity.  Be sure to see it through and adapt along the way to achieve the progress and success you had in mind. 

  •  Ask yourself “What else is possible?  What can we do from here?”

  • Just because you’ve had one successful lane change doesn’t mean you won’t have to do it again.  (How many times do you change lanes on the way to any destination?)  You want to be constantly scanning the road ahead, whatever your priorities, and use the Changing Lanes approach to easily and reliably position yourself, your team or your business for success.

Steps you can take to Gain Momentum:

1. Measure and announce progress as you set and achieve milestones on the way to your goal(s).

2. Be vigilant about new opportunities and obstacles you will encounter that weren’t visible from your previous lane.  Survey the horizon, the market, or other parts of the company.  Keep your head on a swivel.  Ask your team to do the same.

3. Start a new ritual.  Complete a Quarterly (or annual) Changing Lanes Report to list where your organization can make change to improve.  You can get a model for this report with the Changing Lanes for Business Coaching Program.

4. Repeat the process and Change Lanes again, when beneficial or necessary, to maintain or accelerate additional progress.

This one will compound your progress:

5. Pay it forward. Share this Changing Lanes approach with colleagues and spread it throughout your culture. Reduce resistance to change and accelerate the company’s success by developing other leaders and change agents within the organization who not only understand the approach, but who will welcome and help with each step of the process.

As Jim Rohn, the well-known entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker famously said: 

Jim Quote

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See you in the fast lane!

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