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The One Skill You Must Develop to Transform Your Business

January 08, 20235 min read

If you could improve anything with your business in the coming year what would it be?

One thing, or perhaps more than one thing, that would solve a problem, accelerate progress, and help to ensure your success…

Regardless of your answers, the solutions all have one thing in common.

They all require change.

More likely, they all require you to lead successful change.

Leading successful change is the most valuable skill in the market today.

ALL progress - Every solution requires someone to lead successful change.

Whether the goal is to improve your leadership skills, improve sales and profits, transform the company culture, or all of the above…

  • The one constant in business is change.

  • And the pace of change is accelerating.

If all progress requires change, wouldn’t it pay to be good at it?

Here’s the problem:

  • People resist change.  It usually means uncertainty, disruption from normal or known routines, and what they presume will be more work.

  • Change management, and current change management models are complex.  Somewhat obscure in their process and language, they can take months or even years to understand and implement.

  • Success is questionable.  Perhaps even unlikely.  Studies published by McKinsey & Company and HBR indicate that 70% of change efforts in business struggle or fail.

  • Most business leaders don't have a reliable way to lead successful change.

For those reasons and more, people believe that "Change is Hard".

So, how can a busy business leader develop or acquire a reliable approach to lead successful change without wasting time or money or getting lost in a deep sea of complexity?

Here’s a solution:


Leading successful change does not have to be hard.

Once you realize that leading successful change is THE key to ALL progress, develop or adopt an approach that you and your team can use for reliable results.

Here’s one I’ve found that works every time.

It’s simple.  And models something you already know how to do:

Changing Lanes.

There are just 4 steps.  The same ones you use to change lanes when driving.

The better you do them, the better they work.

1.       DECIDE to Change - While this sounds intuitive, many helpful changes in business fail to happen.  Hindered by uncertainty, lack of experience, lack of confidence, limited resources or support, business leaders often hesitate or fail to decide to change.

Decide that it's time to do better. Now you're past "If", and on to "How" and "When". An important threshold to cross.

2.       LOOK for Options and Risks - The next step is to turn your decision into a commitment.  Like you would on the road, once you’ve decided to improve your progress, you look for options and risks.  Looking ahead, but also checking your blind spots to make the best decision. Knowing which direction, when, and how far you can change safely and successfully.

3.       SIGNAL the Change - Great communication is essential for the success of your change.  When you are ready to change lanes on the road, you signal the drivers around you to let them know of your intentions.  In business, it’s even more important.

Poor communication is the root of all problems.  The struggle or failure many business leaders experience with change results from poor communication.

Before you pull the trigger on the change that will improve your business, make a list of everyone who should be consulted or informed.  Then when and how to best SIGNAL the Change to win their support and succeed with your change.

4.       MAKE the Change - Take action.  Turn the wheel and step on the gas.  Or the brake, depending on whether your change is to speed things up or slow them down.  Then stay on it.

Most struggles or failures with change happen in this phase.  Failure to launch or sustain the effort are chronic problems.  Lack of commitment, distractions, and competing priorities are the main culprits.  Followed by new and unexpected challenges encountered along the way.

Here are a few tips to steer clear of these issues:

  • Do a great job with the first three stepsDECIDE, LOOK, and SIGNAL.  If you do them well, MAKING the Change will be easy.

  • Create a simple plan to start, finish and maintain your change.  Anticipate future challenges. Involve your team and ask for their help.  People will support what they help to create.

  • Follow through with the plan.

  • Be visible.  Offer encouragement.  Appreciate all who are helping.  Report and celebrate the progress being made in your new lane.

  • Oh, and follow through with the plan.

That’s it. 

If you’re worried about resistance, remember, no one changes lanes to do worse.

Guide to Overcoming Resistance to Change


You can use Changing Lanes to succeed in business just like you would on the road.

Whether the change you want is large or small, simple or complex, general or specific, these four simple steps will get you and your team from where you are to where you want to be. 

Transforming your business does NOT have to be hard.

“Changing Lanes” offers a positive perspective that will enable you and your team to embrace, and even look forward to change, along with the solutions and progress it will bring.

There’s even a way to use it to become a market leader.


For many business leaders, this simple blog will offer enough information and inspiration to take this idea and run with it.  

Or, develop a simple and reliable system of your own.

Remember, ALL progress requires change.  And leading successful change is the most valuable skill in the market today.

# # #

If you want to make a better future…  Lead successful change with clarity and confidence.

Create reliable support for change, rather than having to struggle to overcome resistance.

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