Lead Successful Change With Confidence

Changing Lanes for Rapid Business Improvement

4 Simple Steps to Accelerate Progress and Achieve Your Goals!

“Navigating change is the single biggest challenge business leaders face.”

What would it mean to succeed with the changes you want to make?

🔲 Are you and your team achieving your full potential?

🔲 Are you tired of struggling to make progress?

🔲 Is business falling short of your goals and expectations?

🔲 Are you stuck in a rut, or not heading in a good direction?

What's the cost in time or money if you fail?

“Hands-down the easiest, step-by-step coaching program to lead successful change and position your business or project for success!”

You Can Lead Change With Clarity and Confidence

Live the life of your dreams and end your failing routines!

What You Get With the Changing Lanes for Business Coaching Program:

1. Weekly Training sessions via Zoom.

One hour per week for 4 weeks - to walk through each simple step of the Changing Lanes Approach. See great examples of success and failure. Learn the basis behind each step and what to consider when answering questions about how to succeed with your change!

*Coaching Call times 2:00 PM & 6:30 PM EST

(recordings available after to calls)

3. Personalized Support.

Encouragement and support every step of the way. Help is accessible by phone, text, or email for questions or inspiration - whenever you need it.

2. WEEKLY Private 1-on-1 Coaching Calls.

As you work on each Step of the Changing Lanes Approach, enjoy a private coaching call to answer questions, offer advice, and make sure you're moving in the right direction.

4. Complete Systems & Templates.

Complete with systems, checklists, and templates to help you and your team to Change Lanes and position your business or projects for success when obstacles or opportunities arise!

BONUS SESSION! - For those who want more...

There will be an extra session in Week #5 called GAIN MOMENTUM.

Learn to make the Changing Lanes Approach a regular part of your culture.

Overcome obstacles, and accelerate progress reliably, every year!

(Long-Term Value: Priceless!)

"Leading productive change is the most valuable

skill and talent in the market today."

Learn the 4 simple steps of Changing Lanes for Rapid Business Improvement and move forward with confidence, to position your business for success, and achieve the results that you desire.

Request a free call to discuss the Changes you'd like to make!

What You'll Accomplish... Learning How to "Change Lanes":

Reduce uncertainty

Make sound decisions about what to change and when. Knowing the questions to ask will reveal what to do, and when.

Lead successful Change with confidence!

You're in the driver's seat and now you know what to do.

Change Lanes whenever you need to reposition your project or business to succeed.

Overcome hesitation

Seize opportunities and get past obstacles that would have previously prevented your progress. Build the confidence that comes from having the essential steps for success.

Sustain and accelerate progress

No one changes lanes to do worse...

Now that you've moved into a better lane, learn how to maintain, and even accelerate progress.

Signal your team, stakeholders, and customers properly

Create buy-in, support and enthusiasm for the changes you want to make.

Business is a team sport. As the signal caller, you'll know who, how and when to inform others that the changes you want are happening.

Create a productive culture with your team

One that embraces Changing Lanes whenever obstacles of opportunities arise.

Lead your team to be ready to thrive, whatever the future brings.

Weekly Topics:

Week 1

Step #1: DECIDE to Change - Get clear about what you want and why? What's holding you back? And what can you do or change to accelerate success?

Learn the seven questions to make a great decision and help you determine the steps to safely Change Lanes.

Estimated Completion Time: 2-4 hours

Week 2

Step #2: LOOK for Opportunities and Risks - Consider your options and identify a clear path to progress. Complete the Opportunity and Risk Assessment to develop an honest and thorough understanding about what’s in place to support your change as well as obstacles or people you’ll have to avoid, overcome or convince.

Estimated Completion Time: 2-4 hours

Week 3

Step #3: SIGNAL the Change - “Poor communication is the root of every problem.” Learn who, how and when to signal, using our Signal the Change Worksheet, to be a great communicator. Cover the most important bases when signaling your intended change to build support and gain respect as a leader.

Estimated Completion Time: 2-4 hours

Week 4

Step #4: CHANGE LANES - It's time to implement your change, adding energy to the new direction. You and your team will feel the exhilaration of accelerating on a better course.

Follow the Changing Lanes Roadmap to communicate goals and progress to your team and stakeholders. Track the success of your transformation.

Estimated Completion Time: Varies by participant

Week 5 - (Optional)

Step #5: GAIN MOMENTUM - Start a new ritual. Involve your team. Complete a routine Changing Lanes Report to see where and how your organization can make change to improve.

Repeat the process and Change Lanes again to continue gaining momentum! Helpful tips to make this part of your company culture.

Estimated Completion Time: Varies by participant


"I am so excited about the Changing Lanes for Business program, tools and resources.

Tim has an unparalleled ability to make the complicated simple, the subtle identifiable, and the challenging, something the team becomes excited to conquer together.

I’ve worked with him both with my own team, and in a small panel setting, with entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries. Every participant was ‘wowed’ by Tim’s depth of knowledge, positivity, and the concrete tools they walked away with.

He is a natural coach, and I am deeply grateful for the time he has given me in developing as a leader."

Heidi Sivers Boyce

President, The Sivers Companies

“There are times when savvy, experienced mentors can really help to accelerate your growth and results.

If you need specific ideas, feedback, strategies, or systems, and want more success in your business, seek out Tim Rhode!

He has a pulse for the future, with proven strategies and systems to help a business or individual become more profitable and successful.

His 30+ years of operating high-service businesses and leading large teams makes him one of the guys I most trust and rely on when it comes to making strategic decisions.”

Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS

Owner, Fitness Quest 10

Lead Training Advisor, Under Armour

Changing Lanes for Rapid Business Improvement Program

"Lead change with clarity and confidence."

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More Testimonials...

"Tim Rhode got our team to create collective goals and turn them into a concrete plan with group buy in and clear accountability for each task ."

"He showed us how to pull what is needed out of our own resources, and then get it done.

Tim was very influential in my development. The rest of the team also felt he was hugely empowering and energizing."

Mallory Wheatley

Director of Business Administration Hawthorn Farm Athletic Club and Spa

"Tim knows how to work individually to coach managers and executives into more successful roles, and customize the training for each situation."

"He assesses individuals well, and helps build on their strengths and overcome weaknesses.

He makes leaders more results-oriented and helps them achieve a greater success."

Rick Caro

Management Vision

Tim Rhode, Business Consultant, Executive Coach & Speaker


No risk to you!

If at any time during the program, you feel that you are not getting great value and learning a reliable way to lead successful change, I will return 100% of your money, or keep working with you until you do!

"Accelerating progress to achieve your goals, often does not require a U-turn, or even a major change of direction…

Just a simple lane change or two to better position you, and your team or business, for success."

Learn the four essential steps of CHANGING LANES for Business: Decide, Look, Signal and Change.

Improve progress and achieve important goals as you move ahead with your life and leadership.

Get started today!

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